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TVLowCost is making your TV advertising affordable. Not “cheap tv advertising”. Low cost TV advertising does not mean low quality TV advertising!

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In my trips all over the countries where our network is established to meet our TVLowCost clients and many advertisers interested by our approach to reduce spectacularly TV advertising costs, I insist on the fact that our low cost offer has never meant reducing the quality of the TV ads nore the quality of the media planning. It is because we have suppressed all the “frills”, so popular in traditional “high cost” agencies, that we succeed everywhere to demonstrate to advertisers that with TVLowCost they, at last, “GET MORE FOR LESS”. The advertisisng industry, very surprisingly, is incredibly traditional in its methods and behaviours. Let me give you some examples of this:

-Splendid headquarters. Have a look at the top 50 advertising agencies haedquarters in any country, you will be amazed by the prestigious locations and very costy design of them. We, at TVLowCost, believe that to be creative and efficient an agency does not need to be in splendid offices, but in functional ones.

-Creative super stars paid fortunes. Have any idea of the incredible salaries and advantages of the top creative in those ad’ agencies ? Sometimes 4 to 5 times more than the CEO’s or GM of their clients. At TVLowCost, we believe in talent, but what we do is different : our creative directors are partners of our companies. If we do profits, they have a share of them, if we don’t… they work harder to get new clients and new success for them! Being a partner of an independent agency is the best way to get people involved and responsible of their proposals to clients…

-Shootings in exotic locations. Do you really believe that a TV commercial needs to be shot in Australia, in Argentina or in South Africa to be efficient ? Of course not, except in some very specific cases. So why so many shootings are held over seas? Let me tell you : for the “fun” of creative people and some account executives. Not for the efficiency of the TV ad!

-Choosing Gold Lion’s Directors to shoot the ad. Here again, how amazing it is to see the creative people willing absolutely to work with “Mr X” or “Mr Y” who won Gold Lions in Cannes Festival last year. Of course they are talented, but everybody knows that creative people want them because their collective obsession is winning awards for their new TV campaign! And a commercial shot by a famous TV director will get more chances to be well perceived by the creative members of the numerous jurys distributing awards to their colleagues (and very often to their own agency network). The problem with this habit is that the cost of the TV commercials will “skyrock” because those directors are shooting commercials to get new awards, not necessarly to be efficient for the brands…

-The “Prime Time” obsession. Everywhere we see this : advertising agencies and media agencies continue to nearly exclusively recommend to their clients to invest their money in prime time slots. Despite the outrageous cost of them, despite the growing evidence that consumers are exhausted by the evening TV spots “bombarding”. Every day, new surveys show evidences of the growing inefficiency of this choice, but the whole industry continues to replicate the same mistakes… Why ? Maybe because they like to see their own ads, maybe because their commission system is based on the amounts spent by the clients and in Prime Time it’s big money, maybe because the “prime time conspiracy” brings good money to all the traditional ad industry partners ?

We, at TVLowCost have demonstrated that doing all the contrary of these “bad habits” was extremely efficient and was able to reduce spectacularly the costs of TV advertising.

Refusing to follow the “old rules” of TV advertising was the best way to help clients grow their business with very limited amount of money. Our “All included TV Packs” create the conditions of a real “democratisation” of TV advertising. Have a look at our different web sites and you will understand how clients “Get more for less”!


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