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5000 brands and you, and you, and you !TVLowCost will be a major help by reducing spectacularly your TV advertising costs in order to « repeat, repeat, repeat »!

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5000 brand messages per day and you and you and you!

Two figures to set the scene: on average, a “housewife under 50 years of age” is exposed to 18 to 25 minutes of TV advertising daily in the main countries. Each prime time TV viewer is considered to see more than 100 to 150 commercials on average per evening…not bad, eh? And that’s only on TV. Add to that the attempts to get your attention made on radio, billboards, press, cinema, internet etc.

Better still, according to work done in England by the research team directed by Robert Heath, we are exposed to the phenomenal number of 5000 communications by different brands per person and per day! You may say, they’re going too far: that’s unbelievable.

Well, according to this researcher, it must be understood that we absorb a large part of this information unconsciously. This is his theory of Low Involvement Processing (LIP).

Without us realising it, without any special effort on our part, our brain records this information subconsciously. That will obviously play a role in our knowledge of products and brands from all household consumption categories.
Our brain constantly chooses what “interests” us. It stores this information at a “conscious”, accessible, close level and classifies elsewhere what “doesn’t interest us” and archives it in an area that is, so to speak, more “distant and less of a priority”.
It’s often said that we are entering an era of “Permission Marketing” in which the consumer is more and more able to build barriers around them to stop appeals that they consider undesirable.

The practical consequence is that the only means of convincing the maximum potential clients is to try to be present in the media as often as possible in order to have a chance of getting there “with the right offer, at the right time”…when such and such an individual’s “drawbridge” is open.

That’s what we never tire of repeating to our clients: the fundamental criterion in media planning is repetition.

It’s no use being “king of the world” for 15 days per year, spending several million dollars in prime time or on a national splash of billboard advertising and then being silent till the next half-year.

It’s better to “whisper in the consumer’s ear”, yes, …but the whole year round! Thanks to TVLowCost reduced budgets a brand can be on TV often to “repeat, repeat, repeat”

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