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Looking for an affordable TV advertising campaign ? Affordable low cost TV advertising is possible, but “High Cost” ad’ agencies hate that idea! They prefer « BLING BLING » and Awards…

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Anyone can find different ways of selling cheaper without making a loss.

But you do need that will-power, and most ad agencies won’t even give it a try. In truth most advertising agencies priorise awards : look at how “mad” they are to show you the Gold Lions they have won in Cannes Festival, right from the entrance of their splendid headquarters!

To be sure to come back from their annual trip to the french riviera with some “Lions”, they try to convince their clients to accept expensive production costs to gain that ultimate prestige, despite the pressures of today’s economic reality. So shooting is in 35mm, in South Africa or Argentina, with the last “à la mode” director who has been awarded in the recent festivals, and of course, he works in exclusivity with a production company. And everybody explains to the client that there is NO other solution to do this commercial!

Whatever the climate, whatever the difficulties of the client, some seem to have their heads well and truly planted in the sand.

But not all brands can afford such high-rolling attitudes [and good luck to those that can] since their scales and lower experience with Media generally make them more cautious. Happily, for all brands tip-toeing around TV for the first time – perhaps some lapsed TV ones too – and for smaller brands in larger company portfolios, there is another way …TVLowCost


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