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Searching for a TV advertising agency ? « tv low cost ad », “Cheap TV spots”, “affordable TV advertising”,”discount TV spots”, “low cost TV advertising” are becoming trendy expressions among advertisers!

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A few years ago, it would have been an insult to hear any marketer speak about “cheap tv spots” or “low cost tv advertising”!  

During those golden times it was nice to spend a lot of money in the production of TV commercials. It was “in” to go shooting in exotic locations, one week trip for a 30 seconds commercials was “normal”.

HIGH COST traditional agencies were the only available solution for brands willing to go on TV screens. Nobody was shocked by the huge amount of monthly fees ad’ agencies were charging and the 5/6 months they took to create and shoot a single commercial… and every advertiser was proud to see its commercial among hundreds of others exclusively in Prime Time slots, nobody discussed the efficiency of those “nights of carpet bumbing”. Consumers where supposed to watch all those splendid ads and run the morning after in the shops to acquire the marvelous products they discovered during the evenings!


Today, every marketing manager has to “cut the costs”, “reduce the spendings”, “optimize its marketing budget”… Times are tougher, competition is fierce, retailers are becoming very powerful with their own private label products, emerging countries are able to produce at 1/5th of your production costs…

And, last but not least, CONSUMERS ARE BECOMING DIFFICULT to convince, they are wiser, they are fed up by never ending prime time slots, they are no more impressed by splendid and intellectual commercials difficult to understand for normal human beings…

Consumers today, more than ever, want to simply understand why and how your product, your brand, will satisfy them better than the products they already use.

So, for any advertiser in the world, now,  the “name of the game” is SAVING MONEY ON MY ADVERTISING EXPENDITURES.

Times have changed, now brands adopt the “LowCost Attitude” in every investment they have to do. TVLowCost  success in all the countries where we are established is the best proof that marketing teams are looking for a TV agency expert able to bring them affordable TV campaigns with a high level of quality. So whatever you called them : low cost tv advertising is THE FUTURE of TV advertising, no doubt!


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