TVLowCost, l'agence TV conseil en publicité télé économique

L'Agence TV Low Cost spécialisée publicité TV

“GET MORE WITH LESS ! ” TVLowCost is the 1st TV advertising agency network created to reduce the costs of TV advertising and make television affordable : “GET MORE AND WORRY LESS”!

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Yes, “Affordable TV advertising” can generate excellent Return On Investment ! 

This is the issue everywhere. Every advertiser knows that TV advertising is the most efficient way to boost one’s business. No discussion. But, how many can afford national TV advertising ? Since decades television channels, traditional “high cost” media agencies and advertising agencies have made everything to put in the advertiser’s minds that TV is a fabulous media, BUT, that they need a lot of money to get in.

Because they MUST be on Prime Time, because they MUST shoot their TV commercial in an exotic location, because they MUST do it in 35mm, because they MUST pay monthly fees during several months to the ad agency to elaborate the creation, etc.

At the end of the day, many advertisers say “TV advertising is not for me, too expensive”… and they invest in other less efficient and powerful medias.

In every business, low cost pioneers have demonstrated that there was a way to do things differently and reduce spectacularly the costs of things without losing quality. They show that inexpensive does not necessarily mean “cheap” or “poor quality”. They have created new business models from scratch, new working methods much more efficient, new team mentalities. They have demonstrated that a large number of customers (also including B to B clients) are ready to pay much less to get “the function without the frills”.

Television advertising needed a revolution. It was more expensive every year despite audiences fragmentations, despite new shooting cameras, despite travel cost reductions…

TVLowCost  is born because too many clients are unable to get on TV with the traditional “high cost” agencies. TVLowCost “All inclusive TV Packs” changes completely the relation with advertisers. They know that, for a fixed amount in each country where we are, EVERYTHING is included :


No bad surprise, no additional costs. Our clients discover a very different kind of TV advertising agency :

An agency focussed on sales efficiency and not on winning new “creative awards and chocolate medals”.

An agency working hard to reduce the delays, in order to save money, and not taking months to elaborate a TV campaign.

An agency where clients are treated as partners to conceive the most economical campaign, and not only as “cash machines”…

“GET MORE WITH LESS” is our commitment to our clients, our international “Mot d’Ordre”!

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