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Why a TV ad agency?

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Why do you NEED a TV advertising agency and not a « regular » advertising agency to promote your brand on television? Not only is TVLowCost a 100% “TV expert “but is, also, the only advertising agency international network with a low cost positioning.

When a company decides to “accelerate”, it must, one day or another, communicate on television. No big success can “escape” investing on TV advertising. Television advertising has a long record of efficiency. All the big brands we know in any category built their business by a strong presence on the TV screens.
But, television advertising is not as simple as some other forms of brand communication. It can generate high investments and create BIG successes or BIG failures… Because the costs involved tend to rapidly become heavy for the company.
This is why we believe that advertisers should be very careful about the choice of their advertising partner when they want to invest on television advertising.
Let us do an analogy. When you have, let’s imagine, a “heart problem”, do you tend to visit your family doctor or the cardiologist? Well, of course, when it is a serious health issue, you will logically go to the SPECIALIST…
We believe that for any brand, going on TV is a very important decision; it will “change” the size and image of the company. Going on television, the “KING OF MEDIAS”, necessitates a very careful approach of it in order to be successful. And today, one will also add another dimension: it has to cost the minimum money possible, because times are tough and every marketing manager or general manager has to spend money very carefully!
This is why we strongly believe that a 100% SPECIALIST “TV advertising agency” such as TVLowCost is the RIGHT ANSWER for clients willing to go on TV and willing to save money!
Except in USA, where the size of the market is so different, in the vast majority of the countries where TVLowCost is established, the “regular” advertising agencies only shoot a few commercials per year. The Top Ten will shoot 30 or 40 per year.
Let us take an example, when at TVLowCost in Paris; we have shot 150 commercials in 2007 and will probably achieve 170 this year. In the last 3 years and a half TVLowCost has shot 420 TV commercials. Very few agencies in our markets can compete with those numbers.
So when you are looking for an agency to bring you efficiently on TV and to help you saving a lot of money, why not giving our local TVLowCost agency a phone call?
In health issues as well as TV advertising, a specialist will always give you better advice than a “generalist”!


mai 10, 2008 à 2:24


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